Türkiye 13.Tarla Bitkileri Kongresi


+Announcement: (08.05.2019)

*** After a scientific review, accepted papers will be published in the Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology (TURJAF), for a fee.

**The congress meets the requirements for promotion to associate professorship and  academic incentive regulation.

Field crops, which is the most important agricultural production branch in terms of planting area and production quantity in the world and in our country, are the basic foodstuff for human and animals. To a great extent, the development of Turkish agriculture and agriculture-based industry depends on the cultivation of field crops. Field crops cultivation covers 83% of agricultural land in Turkey. Field crops are the most important products that meet the basic needs of people such as nutrition, clothing, shelter and medication. In this sense, in the world   10  cultivated plants that are considered strategically important (wheat, corn, rice, sorghum, barley, potato, sugarcane, sugarbeet, soybean and cotton) are field crops. However; in our country; due to structural problems, climate change and troubles in production, import dependency has been on rise in many products. As the need for food is going to increase in the future, agricultural production will have a strategic importance in international relations such as water and oil. Therefore, planning everything from research and development stage to marketing will decrease import of agricultural products and help the realization of sustainable agricultural production.

In agriculturally developed countries of the world seeding, plowing, planting, fertilization, irrigation, disinfection, harvesting, storing and transportation are wisely managed and an environmentally friendly sustainable agricultural production is aimed.

 In order not to miss the rapid transformations happening in agriculture due to advances in science and technology, we are aware that the National Field Crops Congresses is very important in reaching the goals pointed out by great leader Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK who stated that “We have to rise above the contemporary civilization level” and who established Ankara Higher Institute of Agriculture where agricultural training and education began.

Field Crop department of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at Isparta University of Applied Sciences with contribution by Field Crop Scientific Association will organize XIII. Turkish Field Crop Congress to evaluate the research that provide guidance to overcome the main problems encountered in the development of Turkey’s field crop cultivation.  

In this context, our purpose is to create a pleasant congress environment to help share knowledge and experiences while presenting presentations on field crop science and technologies and to bring the field crop departments in Turkey, other basic and applied sciences departments contributing to field crop researches, public institutions and private sectors representatives together.

As Field Crops department of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at Isparta University of Applied Sciences, we welcome you and will be honoured and proud to host you at this national congress.

Organizing Comittee